Asset Inventory and Network Mapping

As your organisation grows, the IT infrastructure becomes more and more complex. This means that being able to track all of the assets that compose your network is increasingly becoming relevant to keep the business safe. Having this information available is the first step.

Cyber security as a Business Enabler

All of the assets that help a company carry out its operations, whether they are in the cloud or on-premises, may be at risk of a cyber attack. For this reason, they need to be secured but this is not possible if they are not inventoried.

The asset inventory allows the company to know exactly what each and every one of their resources is to help define an order of priorities and establish the necessary countermeasures to prevent attacks on those systems.

The use of tools that allow the automation of an asset inventory is a huge advantage considering the concept of elastic computing, where the resources hosted in the cloud can be created and destroyed in a matter of seconds. An example of elastic resources are the applications that run on instances which are created as traffic increases, and are just as easily destroyed after.

Why should you hire a Security Operations Center as a Service?

In the context of elastic computing, it is essential to automate the asset inventory to keep it always up to date and, in this way, guarantee the security of the most important assets.

The asset inventory automation tools available also allow you to understand the level of coverage of the security measures to know what percentage of the resources are protected by these initiatives. This is taking into account the level of exposure of each asset, which can be higher or lower.

A suitable solution to generate an asset inventory which would allow you to search for information throughout the entire environment. Relevant information about assets includes the asset ownership, level of business criticality, level of exposure to the Internet, who has access to the asset, among others items.

An asset inventory automation tool is essential to put the business in a stronger position to identify and act in the face of security risks. While it is only one part of the entire cyber security strategy, it is impossible in most cases to maintain proactive security operations without it.

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