Blockchain for data security

Harnessing technology to our advantage is paramount, which is why Blockchain technology has begun to be implemented as a cyber security measure.

The best way to keep data secure is by using Blockchain technology, where we collect the information in blocks in which each one of them is stacked to a chain-forming what we know as Blockchain, these nodes keep records from the first moment they are created.

This method means that if the information is lost, it can be recovered because each chain has a copy and can be retrieved immediately.

Implementing Blockchain technology means risk reduction and constant tracking of the data that is shared, which allows tracing the route from the starting point to the end, not only that but also identifying problems faster and saving data.

Blockchain & cyber security
Blockchain & cyber security
Why a Blockchain-based solution?

By integrating the Blockchain our customers not only reduce the loss of information but also reduce the processes in which they operate without putting the data at risk, these records are encoded and stored on the Blockchain so that only certified individuals have access to it ensuring privacy.

How do we use different Blockchains.

Since each platform has its benefits and each case requires different types of Blockchain, to offer a higher quality of services we use both public and private Blockchains, which increase security, scalability and transparency.

Using these types of Blockchain we manage a hybrid that uses the best of both, speed, scalability, trustable and secure are just some of the advantages we get, besides having a private permission-based system as well as a public permission-less system, with which selected users follow a series of security protocols to access the data while only selected information can be public keeping the rest confidential in the private network.

Blockchain & cyber security
Blockchain & cyber security
The benefit of being multichain / chain agnostic.

Using multichain helps us to maintain a private shared database on the network controlled through permissions, where you can archive, timestamp and data retrieval, the implementation of this technology helps to simplify processes, also being Blockchain agnostic allows flexibility between applications, choosing the right technology to meet the needs of your business is the first step to not be obsolete and keep abreast of what the Blockchain can offer to strengthen your business.