Cyber security as a business enabler

Cyber security has become a core issue for companies, no matter if they are big or small, exceeding the technology area. Customers are more concerned than ever on how their personal data is stored and protected. People are generally less forgiving than ever before for data breaches and breakdowns in trust.

Cyber security as a business enabler

Cyber security has become a core issue for companies, no matter if they are big or small, exceeding the technology area. With digital technology and connectivity going through all aspects of business, Cyber security leaders are increasingly joining the board of directors, audit committees, and advisory councils.

Blockchain & cyber security
Blockchain & cyber security

The Covid-19 pandemic forced many physical offices to become digital and virtual hubs. Cyber security is now essential within the innovation process and it is considered a key element to:

Gain customer confidence and loyalty

Customers will be more confident using your services and they are more likely to value businesses that have a solid reputation for data protection and secure data governance.

Keep a business productive

Companies that protect themselves from cyber threats are more likely to reduce the impacts they may have on productivity. A solid incident response plan will reduce the disruption to operations.

Gain agility

Advantages of doing business online can only be explored if the business’s digital presence is secure enough. By implementing effective cyber security strategies, your organisation will be able to move into new areas for growth.

Organisations are spending more to become aware of their level of risk and exposure, so they can increase their protection measures. Often companies must also define how to act if they have already become victims to cyber attacks.


Becoming increasingly sophisticated and frequent, cyber attacks may affect the entire business and that is why the cyber security vision must be comprehensive and encompass all areas of the company. In this context, organisations are forced to learn how to improve their protection levels and detect those areas requiring a greater investment of resources to increase security and customer trust.


Through a joint effort with the security team with the rest of the organisation, it is important that the CISOs and their teams speak the same language as the other leaders to communicate the knowledge and information necessary for daily operations and keeping the organisation secure.

Blockchain Security
Blockchain Security

Cyber security becomes a useful contribution to a business that creates added value following two main objectives: increasing security awareness and ensuring that all new business initiatives incorporate security measures from the beginning.

Above all, cyber security is essential to bring innovation to the business and must be included in the plan from the very beginning to avoid data loss and/or breaches which can cause financial and reputational damage to your company.

Transformational initiatives that address security will bring more positive change and add value to your enterprise. These initiatives require the support of the CIO, who defines cyber security needs, a strong communication policy, and the active engagement of all members of the organisation.