Cyber security on demand

It is important to understand how the frequency of cyber attacks has increased and, as malicious attackers become more brazen, cyber security continues to grow in demand for organisations to stay one step ahead of the perpetrators (which is not very easy with their pace of attack).

The good news is all these cyber security services are now available on demand, just a simple setup and then turn on. (No longer is there complex investment of time and effort in hardware and software – we do all that for you).

Blockchain & cyber security

Self Analysis

Is used to be able to more effectively identify the most frequent cyber attacks and keep a log of them. Through a greater understanding of the attacks against your organisation we can increase our countermeasures to ensure they can be prevented from being successful.

Self Assessment

An understanding of the current state of your cyber security landscape, rather than focusing on potential risks alone, allows us to pay attention to appropriate management practices which are very effective in avoiding at risk situations.

Security monitoring and operations

Security monitoring helps maintain key records that can identify any indicators of compromise which could lead to a much larger incident (typically hackers do a recognisance first, which helps us to become aware of a pending larger incident waiting to happen). By monitoring, it enables proper investigations and corrective actions to reduce the frequency of and impact that the identified risks can cause.

Protective Monitoring

Protective Monitoring is one of the key factors of our cyber

security prevention services, where we collect important data, analyse it and process it. This keeps us alerted to any suspicious indicators that may affect security, such as irregularities which will be examined by specialised analysts who will be able to respond accordingly.

Reduce the cost and complexity.

Private in-house monitoring can be inaccurate and partial, as opposed to contracting a SOC-as-a-Service (SOCaaS), with which you will be able to receive consultations on the service tailored to your infrastructure and the risks that arise.

Organisation Security

Many cloud environments are not considered as secure as on-premise environments, however, we should not see cloud migration as the enemy. Rather, we should aim to understand the contrast between the two to be able to better protect our organisations.

For this purpose, various applications, APIs and mobile apps are used, and contrary to popular belief, these tools are not as accurate as on-premises and only the use of both allows them to be perimeter-based and ensure that there are no security breaches.

Blockchain & cyber security