Managed Detection and Response

Organisations are constantly at risk of losing data or their operations being disrupted due to security breaches. This risk has increased with the expansion of remote work.

Cyber attacks are becoming more sophisticated and, as a result, companies need more and more skilled staff to prevent, manage or control them.

Managed Detection and Response (MDR) is a cyber security service that combines professionals with huge expertise with technological solutions in order to detect threats, monitor the organisation’s entire ecosystem and respond accordingly.

With the help of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, MDR helps identify and limit the impact of threats without requiring an additional team of professionals. It can involve endpoints, networks and the cloud within a company’s infrastructure and it can be carried out remotely.

Blockchain & cyber security

For the MDR to work properly, it must be business-focused. In this way, active threat identification is achieved throughout the organisation and a response is created to eliminate, investigate or contain such threats.

Although there are approaches to MDR, it is important that the client is aware of what he needs and what he is looking for so they hire the correct vendor. Typically, the MDR involves a platform and a team of cyber security engineers aiming to minimize the impact of successful cyber attacks within organisations.