Threat Monitoring of Entire Ecosystem

Threat monitoring of the entire application ecosystem is part of the routine that every organisation with online operations should perform.

Cyber security as a Business Enabler

Monitoring operations that are susceptible to being cyber-attacked includes the collection, processing and analysis of large quantities of information. It is about looking for signs or alerts of threats to the security of the ecosystem such as intrusion attempts or data leakage to allow stronger protection in preventing or reducing the damage caused.

Systems containing sensitive data must be constantly analysed and evaluated to find signs of a cyber attack or breach. When a possible threat is identified through monitoring, an alert is released for the security team which will then try to mitigate the incident or respond accordingly.

Why should you hire a Security Operations Center as a Service?

This type of monitoring helps companies identify threats that had not been previously detected, such as outsiders or unauthorised users connecting to the system. There are different technological solutions that work collecting and correlating information from the network and applications and identifying patterns of potential threats or security incidents. These types of technologies look for correlations between network information and endpoint activity with contextual factors such as URLs, IP addresses or details of files and applications. In this way, they provide more accurate information to identify anomalies that may pose a threat.

In any case, threat monitoring of the entire ecosystem seeks to maximise data protection. Any organisation that performs this practice is in a better position to defend itself against cyber-attacks than those which do not use monitoring.

Efficient threat detection can be achieved if the organisation has previously defined a detection strategy and determined in advance what data sources are required. Whenever a threat is detected, the information should be provided in as much detail as possible to the security team.

Lastly, it is important to understand that all organisations that work online are at risk. Cyber ​​threats can impact businesses of any size, regardless of where they are geographically located. The consequences can be more expensive than the most advanced detection technology and the damage may not just be financial as it can result in irreparable damage to your business’s reputation.

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